Our Artisans

Our suppliers are innovative, proactive, and conscientious about the environment and fair labor practices. They have over 30 years of experience working with Tagua.

Because of this experience, they produce high quality work with incredible respect and dedication to their workers.

The workshop is owned and operated by Alain and Martha Misrachi.

The Misrachi family received an award for being the best small exporter in all of Colombia for 2013.

Employees are paid fairly, treated with integrity and encouraged to voice opinions. They have job security and also receive health benefits.

Workshop conditions are above average; ample space, natural lighting and safety precautions around the machinery.

Our relationship over the years has grown into not just a great business relationship, but a deep and lasting friendship.  We are proud to be one of their biggest clients and to get to work with such a high quality workshop and with such amazing people.