Why Encanto

Quality and Refinement

Because our workshop has over 30 years of experience working with Tagua, they know how to work with precision, detail and refinement.  They are able to go above and beyond the standard quality of the Tagua jewelry industry by making quality knots and meticulous cuts.


Photo on left shows poor quality knots, photo on right shows the quality our workshop is able to produce.

The Tagua pieces are sorted and any pieces with hollows or cracks in the center are composted, ensuring only the best pieces are used for our jewelry.  They use quality and colorfast dyes that do not run or bleed and process the dye waste afterward to ensure it is non-toxic to the environment.


At Encanto, we operate our business from our hearts.  This means that we have transparency with all members of the team, we check in with one another daily to provide support and mutual understanding, and we encourage freedom of expression in ourselves and each other.  We also commit ourselves to networking with people and businesses that feel and operate the same.

As members of the Fair Trade Federation and a certified B Corporation, we have proven that this is not just a hollow statement, but a true mission that we are dedicated to and one that is our deeper motivation. To view our B Corporation B Impact Assessment click here.



Overall, we feel that business should not just be about making money, but providing a livelihood that is mutually beneficial for all involved, and on that enhances lives.  Our aim is to contribute to the world that we want to see, which is one where people and environment matter and where we are encouraged to work toward our larger goals.

We believe people want this option when they shop for beautiful things and that by offering jewelry that is sustainable and Fair-Trade, people will not only feel beautiful wearing our products, but will also feel good about where their money is going.

In choosing our products, our number one concern is if the product will be sustainable - both to the environment and to the people working with it.  Working with sustainable resources and with Fair Trade Principles, we commit to making a difference in the way businesses operate. Choosing Tagua as a product meant that rainforests were being preserved and good jobs were being provided for people.  These still remain our highest priorities.